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Today, I’m taking a break from writing Skorpion. (Den of Mercenaries #5) to work a little on Saints & Thieves because this book comes right after Skorpion. and I’m trying to get my plotting out of the way now.

I know what you’re thinking—Saints was supposed to be released back in June so it should already be plotted, but I can tell you definitively, it wasn’t ready.

Now just because the book wasn’t finished, but because the story wasn’t ready to be told.

I’ve never had trouble seeing the characters in Saints & Thieves (Nicu, Dahlia, and Vali) but the complications of this sort of relationship has eluded me. I couldn’t figure out their story, why they did certain things, or hell, why they would even venture into that sort of relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I love complications! I love diving and getting into the heart of a story, but with me, I can’t go in blind. I need to know what direction to go before I can start—otherwise I’ll spend days staring at an empty document when I could be writing all the words.

Last night, I was watching one of my trusty go to movies when I’m lacking inspiration, Law Abiding Citizen, and one of the lines that always resonates with me is, ‘You can’t fight fate,’ and I came to a sort of realization about myself.

I’ve been fighting with myself about how Saints & Thieves should be written ever since I decided it was going to be an MFM (for those not in the know with the acronyms, it means it features two men and one lady) book. I kept wanting it to be one way, but it’s just not working. And the best thing to do when something is not working is to scratch it and start from the beginning.

What does that mean exactly?

The blurb is changing. The entire premise is changing, but I’m excited about the direction it’s going now and that’s the most important thing. This book has to be written the way it needs to be written and if I have to go to some dark places to get it, I’m jumping head first into the rabbit hole.

Any relationship is complicated, but three people in that dynamic … things can get beyond complicated.

I can’t wait to full on dive into this because I just know I’m going to love them and their relationship so much.

xx LM

Because I’m such a mood writer, here are a few finds on Pinterest I have on the Saints board:

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